Unblock YouTube

Paste any YouTube Video website address in the box below and click go.

Unblock YouTube

Unblock YouTube videos with our free and easy to use YouTube Proxy. Bypass any YouTube blocks such as Video Unavailable messages or Country restrictions on certain videos. Just paste a YouTube video URL in the box above and press go to watch it. We have servers in over 10 different countries making it real easy to appear as if you are in a different location.

Unblock Video Unavailable

Bypass any YouTube video unavailable messages by changing the location you are requesting the video from. Most of the time when YouTube shows you a Video Unavailable message it is because that video can only be viewed from certain locations. Unblock YouTube bypasses these blocks by offering servers in multiple locations.

Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube videos with one easy click by pressing on the download buttons at the top right of the video player. No matter what video you are watching we allow you to download any of the available qualities with one simple click.

Streams Supported

YouTube live streams are also supported through the proxy allowing you to watch live.

All Video Qualities

We let you choose which video quality you would like to watch or download.

Fast Network

We have servers in multiple different locations and do not have any sort of speed or bandwidth limitations.